Monday, 27 April 2015

Presentation Group 1 - Planning

When dealing with a group or team, planning in my opinion is probably the most important aspect in achieving a successful outcome. The group presenting today gave me that little extra motivation needed. The way each of them spoke really grabbed my attention. I really felt as if they worked as a team and how they all really look out for one another during this class.   

  • The group have given a descriptive explanation defining the topic.
  • Have explained the reason they need to plan as a group and why it is essential that all groups when working together must plan to move forward smoothly. 
  • Have given a clear analysis of the steps taken in planning (identifying, exploring, selecting etc.)
  • The group have explained to the class on how they plan as a team. Ways in making sure they all stay on track as a group (using social media to share information eg. Facebook)
  • They work as a team. Looking out for each other along the way. (making sure that all group members have right programs installed)
  • Clear Images and text have grabbed my attention making the presentation more interesting.
  • Graphs were unclear with small font and made it difficult to read
  • Video was great! I think the whole class was amazed although some slides were a little too fast to read.

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