Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Presentation Group 3 - Intellectual Property

As future designers, it is absolutely critical that we have some sort of basic knowledge on hot to make something your own...... Legally!
In todays day and age, with technology the best its ever been, losing a design or patent can be simply done by the click of a mouse button. Knowing the basics of Intellectual property can help protect my design. I find this information critical, for the world we live in is challenging is terms of design.
As a University student, I cant say I have designed something out in the real world for someone to illegally place his hands on, but as a student, I do know how frustrating it gets having another student 'steal' your work and make it theirs. 
Intellectual Property is a Legal form of protection

protecting a product.

its importance - anyone can just copy you. lead to a decline in products. no new ideas.

giving good tips to other groups on how they could protect their design.
giving examples that relates to us students through previous uni work.
very annalytical.
giving real world examples of conflicts 
explaining how it is possible to breach the legal rights of all protection examples 
have identified how they relate Intellectual Property back to their main project (oculus)
interesting animation video

Aerial ropeway - not our design. Models are not ours. belong to Scenic world katoomba.

design - refers to features of shape eg, apple and Samsung

trademark - distinguish good a services

copyright - protects original protection of ideas but no idea itself

patent - right for any device, substance, method or process that is new and useful

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