Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Presentation Group 4 - Conflict

This week's presentation I would say had the most interesting topic where all students got involved. This is probably due to the fact that almost everyone had been involved whether it be in the past or present in some sort of a conflict where a number of parties have disagreements. The presentation got my group asking questions to one another whether we as a group have been experiencing any sort of conflicts over the semester and what our alternatives are to sort these issues. I honestly began thinking to myself in past situations where I was in an awkward like position.
I also found interesting how our class groups would deal with such a situation. Who has the last say? how far can we go to reach a decision?


have given examples of conflicts in group work....... very detailed

  • change
  • clash of personalities
  • Poor leadership
  • Poor communication - nice example. Grabbing class' attention
  • Standards
  • Controlling emotions

Types of people causing conflict

  • ''my idea is better'' - example relating back to his group
  • drama queen 
  • The never on time
  • The carry (does all the work)
  • ninja
explained how to avoid conflict

avoiding it does not get rid of it

given information on how to resolve it. Posted questions to ask yourself if you are causing conflict in your group.

good communication is the best way to resolve a conflict.... by listening, being straight and direct
put personal feelings aside

have talked about the positives and negatives

related the topic back to their project - Marker Project. Interesting to see how they as a group are able to deal with the matter.

like how they related the issue back to a previous class project where the whole class had taken part in. Hextic

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