Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Final Presentations


I'm not too sure that the group achieved what was asked of them, or that at least is my view on it. I saw a lot of hard work put into the project but the end result wasn't what I expected. They got the truck all modelled up pretty good. The wheel? well it could have been a lot more prettier from my point of view. Some paint wouldn't hurt. They got the wheel working though. Well done for that part but they presented the wheel using a 'car' in Unreal Engine. What was the point of modelling the truck? Presentation wise, they were all over the place. At times they gave me the impression they didn't know who was talking when or who's going next. They were standing in each others way.



I was expecting these guys to top the rankings to be honest. But what really let them down was..... they went AGAINST THE BRIEF! My group and I were having a debate on whether or not our group should 'Fail' them just for not meeting the clients' expectations! I insisted we didn't fail them because I recognised the 'hard work' the group had put in. The designs were great. Very thoughtful. A lot of concepts and ideas were presented and I thought they actually did try really hard. Their video was a little dull. They had the light rushing through the marker going one way but couldn't get it going back. Presentation was a lot tidier. I felt everyone knew what they were doing.


Overall the group presented very well. They immediately told us the significance of the project and what they were trying to achieve. The whole class was with them from start to finish. I was a little gutted through not getting a chance to use the Oculus glasses although thankfully the group showed the rest of the class for those who didn't get a shot the opportunity to see what they were missing out on. Everyone did their job and I felt like as a group they ran smoothly all semester.

Museum was interesting. Enjoyed the whole 'Tablet/Ipad' experience! The presentation was really well done from my point of view. The whole group explained their part perfectly. The downside was.... yes it's a museum so where are the artefacts? What was presented to me could have been a school. I'm not too sure what programs they were using but I would have preferred something with a lot more quality in terms of graphics. I also picked up on something a group member pointed out during the presentation which was; they were told to ''change plan'' during week 7 of the semester which was well into the project. Perhaps this was time wasted?



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