Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Presentation Feedback

I believe my group and I have made a great attempt to accomplish a project that should satisfy our clients' need. We as a group were all very happy with what we have produced and this was also evident through the rest of the classes' opinions and reactions based on our work. We've made a decent effort and I hope we can put smiles on our client's faces.

I think one of our huge pros were the fact that we went against the whole 'Slide Show' presentation idea and went for something more unique, aesthetical and presentable. After all, our client did request the project put on a website. 

We also decided to scrap the whole ''lets all present'' idea and perhaps leave it down to two people to present. We believed that this shows a neat and tidy presentation. Simple, easy to understand and there's not a whole bunch of us standing in each others way looking lost.

We did get a few errors on the website that Russell picked up on however we have gone back and edited. Video might have been too long.... we didn't get the chance to show the whole thing due to time, but perhaps the whole 9 minutes is essential to our client's website.

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